kit super efficient against pain no (119)


All natural

If taken together, proof are already done

1) Cream against pain with massage

2) Pain spray reliever without rubbing

3) Collagène by taking 3 capsules per day.



These 2 muscle relaxants, thanks to the skillful blend of arnica montana and essential oils, these painkillers will give you a quick and effective relief to the pain of your joints and muscles. The cream: when rubbing , you will feel the beneficial effect in the seconds following the application, the spray: no need to rub, you only have to apply it on painful places.. More than 2,000 massage therapists use this painkiller cream and demand continues to grow. Collagen capsules complete this excellent trio to relieve your joint and muscle pain.
Introducing collagen into our body is a way to try to slow down or even reverse this aging process. Some turn to collagen facial injections to prevent wrinkles. Bovine collagen is generally used for this purpose. It can plump the skin for a few months, but it is eventually metabolized by our body and the procedure must therefore be repeated.
If the procedure is not done properly, the patient may end up with a rather swollen or deformed face. I’m sure we can all think of a few examples. Collagen supplements are a much less intrusive form of skin care. Collagen supplements not only help fight against the wrinkles of our skin, but also our joints. But you should choose wisely. You may not always get the type or quality of collagen you think you are.
Unfortunately, with age, collagen becomes poorer and we can begin to notice that our skin no longer looks as young and that our joints are no longer as mobile, or even that they sometimes become a little stiff. Collagen depletion begins around the age of 25 when we begin to produce less collagen ourselves and age more, collagen depletion accelerates.



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