X foliant S




The Safia Derma™ X-Foliant S is both incredibly smooth and has an unparalleled efficiency.

The natural consistency of its grains eliminates dead skin cells while restoring the tone and radiance that your skin deserves.

Our X-Foliant S:

 Also suitable for facial and body use;
 Eliminates dead cells and cleans skin thoroughly;
 Stimulates natural skin renewal;
 Smoothes skin irregularities;
 Restores the natural glow of your skin;
 Invigorates skin for a firmer appearance.

It’s a must for regenerating the beautiful complexion you’re supposed to have.

Ingredients: Purified water, Tetrasodium EDTA, vegetable Glycerin, silica powder, Shea butter, Beaver oil, sweet almond oil, ketyl alcohol, stearic acid, Rita GMS NF (Glycerin stearate), ritachol 2000 (ketaryyl alcohol and polysorbate 60), cosmocil CQ (polyminopropyl biguanide), Vanilla scented oil, apricot kernel powder

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