3 Vap Magik Cream 250 ml (no 111)

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Provides relief pain on inflammation in muscles and joint.

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Because of the armica, afer the first us ,you can feel the difference.



This muscle relaxant, thanks to the skillful blend of arnica montana and essential oils, will give you a quick and effective relief from pain in your joints and muscles. By rubbing in , you will feel the beneficial effect within seconds of the application. Since 2010, this muscle relaxant is omnipresent in massage therapy salons. More than 2,000 massage therapists use this painkiller cream and demand continues to grow. You may also notice various products that are used as an effective muscle relaxant. There are many herbs and plants that are able to reduce stress and stiffness of the muscles. They can be easily treated as muscle relaxant. They also do not cause side effects. Well, I’d like to tell you that most of them are very effective and safe. Arnica Montana is used to reduce inflammation of all kinds.Used only for external use, Arnica montana stimulates the circulatory and nervous system, This gives it virtues against bruises and inflammations but is only used on lesions without open wound.Against contusions, sprains, muscle and joint pain, The external application of arnica is very effective and allows to quickly absorb hematomas.

Athletes who occasionally get injured due to too much effort especially appreciate the muscle relaxant Vap Magik. In some countries, including France and Romania, this wonderful plant is a protected species. Vap magik cream is approved by Health Canada under NPN # 80022584. Its 250 ml format is easy to carry making this muscle relaxant a product accessible to all purses and without side effects. Healing in a natural way remains by far the best way to eliminate pain thanks to the nature that gives us plants with healing properties.

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